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Aurycle.com is an online retailer of professional audio microphones and related equipment. We focus our efforts on direct imports. We buy most of our products directly from large OEM1 and ODM2 manufacturers. This form of direct distribution allows us to offer the best possible prices to our customers. We have developed relationships with a large pool of reliable manufacturers from all over the world. We dare you to compare our products with the over-priced, over-hyped name brands.

Why direct importing is good for you? 

The basic idea behind Aurycle.com is to offer the markets best prices on entry level products to audio enthusiasts. We offer high quality alternatives that meet or exceed the performance of competing brands and we price them well below the rest of the industry.

We don't build new factories or pay high-costs for R&D

We buy from direct from the manufacturers who produce for other renowned brand names. At Aurycle.com you are bypassing all those distributor margins, dealer networks and marketing costs and getting down to true manufacturer to dealer direct prices. 

You can be confident with quality products backed by warranty

For all direct imports we are solely responsible for service and repair as well as warranties and guarantees. Therefore the quality of our products is importance to us. Because of our very low margins we need to be certain the product you receive works the first time, every time. Otherwise we could not remain profitable. All of our products are covered by a 1-year limited warranty and 15day no hassle returns policy unless otherwise stated.

1 Original Equipment Manufacturer
2 Original Design Manufacturer


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