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diy tube microphone

Large Diaphragm Multi-pattern Tube Condenser DIY Microphone

The ultimate DIY microphone kit! 


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Our new limited production multi-pattern version of the A5500 DIY tube microphone. 

This kit includes everything you need to build a professional multi-pattern large diaphragm tube condenser microphone.

Use the included components for an excellent sounding tube microphone. Or for those more adventurous DIYers, swap out components and create your own custom high-end tube microphone. 

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This kit is intended for intermediate to advance users. 

You should understand intermediate electronics and assembly techniques.

The step-by-step instructions are on diymic.com. You are expected to understand and read schematics and a circuit layout, solder, use a multi-meter etc.

However, the circuit is rather simple and clearly marked.

Approximate Specifications after assembly:

Type: large diaphragm pressure gradient vacuum tube condenser
Frequency response: 20Hz to 20 kHz
Polar Pattern: cardioid
Sensitivity: 14mV/Pa (@1kHz, 74dB SPL)
Output impedance: <200 ohms
Equivalent noise level: <17dB-A Max. SPL (@0,5%): 130dB

NOTE: Will include a new power supply with a 9-step pattern switch between omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8.

diy vacuum tube microphone kit

Kit Includes

Unpainted brass microphone body, Head-grill assembly, internal mounting cage assembly to mount circuit board, capsule, transformer and connector housings. 1 - Fully assembled power supply with 9 position pattern selector.
1 - Power cable for power supply
1 - 7-pin tube microphone cable
Schematic, circuit board layouts, print out of assembled circuit
Components included

1 - 32mm/1in large dual-diaphragm multi-polar pattern capsule (assembled)
1 - Plastic capsule mount
1 - Pre-amp circuit PCB
1 - Tube socket PCB
1 - Vacuum tube, 12AX7
1 - 9-pin tube socket
1 - 7-pin XLR male connector
2 - Ceramic insulators for both ends of C4
1 - Film Resistor,  1/2 W 10KΩ
1 - Film Resistor,  2W 100KΩ
2 - Film Resistor,  1/2 W 270KΩ
2 - Resistor, 22M or 51M
1 - Resistor, 200M
1 - Film Resistor, RJ 1/2 W 1-3KΩ
1 - Resistor, 1 KM
2 - Capacitor,  1μ/400V
1 - Capacitor,  1μ/250V,NP or
2 - Capacitor,  .022μ/630V
1 - Capacitor,  1000 pF/630V
1 - Capacitor,  100μ/25V
3 - Capacitor,  0.1μ/63V
1 - Capacitor,  1000μ/10V
1 - Ceramic Capacitor, 2pF
1 - Transformer, turns ratio 10:1

build your own tube microphone

tube microphone schematics

tube microphone circuit layout tube microphone tube circuit


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